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In 2004 I graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy and worked as a teacher at a secondary school and a freelance illustrator for magazines like Opzij, Diabc, Sprout, Ode, etc. Some of those drawings you can see on my ‘commissioned’ page. 

I mostly work by hand, just pencils and paint, but sometimes I add a bit of photoshop for the background or to combine drawings.

There came a moment when I had to stop working  because of chronic health and sleep problems and I embarked on a long journey of healing, therapy and all kinds of energy -and bodywork (ongoing ;-)).  

After quite some years on this path inwards - and out of my head - I started giving healing tao classes, as an UHT associate instructor and hosted embodied women's circles and individual sessions for a while. 

Nowadays I love to create drawings and even more so short stories / poetry that touch people’s hearts 💚.

I don’t have a website for my writings, but you can read them on my Facebook page.

Inspiration I find in the small, beautiful and magical things of life. Nature, animals, connection, authentic relating, silence, laughter, dance and music. One of my passions is being in the ‘space’ únder the words, the world beneath our personalities and ego. Seeing and feeling the layer of the soul.

I am a nature woman, a country girl ;), but still living in the city. Longing for a greener place though, to truly put my bare feet down and grow a vegetable garden - with like minded people around. A place where I will be more inspired to make (land) art. Till then I enjoy the forest in my town Rotterdam, my balconies and kindred spirits that also (still) live here.

If you have any questions or comments or like a illustration print on your wall, feel free to contact me.



(Ps. someday I will have an official website ánd a webshop. Till then I am very thankful for this blog :))